17 April 2017


Murudeshwar – Candolim (Goa), 218 km

A few more Murudeshvar morning  details:
Pragmatic plug socket in the hotel bathroom

Where on earth is that continent where these dishes are from??

Sunrise over Murudeshvar

Isn't that cute?
Heading north

Beach stop

Just when the other teams had continued their way (we stayed, because Jakob was hungry), a Karnataka TV team spotted us. They where a bit disappointed that we couldn't make the others come back, but then interviewed us extensively, with even two more TV station representatives joining in.

Easy driving - where did all the traffic go???

Harvested rice paddies.

Rice still to be harvested
Heavy cow traffic today!

Colorful roadside market

The last hill-chain - more traffic, we're approaching Goa!
 And the last meters, after 1100 km!!

Now I understand why other drivers had put towels on their seats!

Our arrival hotel - what a treat!

Final reward ceremony - with a big thank you to all crew members!

Of course, we didn't win - but we gained so many wonderful experiences and memories, learned a lot about India, met a bunch of crazy and great people from all over the world and might - who knows - beback for another challenge sooner or later!

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