05 August 2016


Kurokawa Onsen and the area around the Aso volcano

Arrived at the hot spring paradise - in our hotel (Yumerindo Ryokan) in Kurokawa Onsen.

View towards another Ryokan across the river.

Our room.

Neatly folded yukata belt.

Who is arriving today? Indications at the ryokan entrance.

Our futons prepared for the night - sooo comfortable.


Karl bravely accepted the challenge of the adult breakfast.

Jakob chose the child's breakfast set - no risks!

Visiting Sanga Ryokan, where we stayed the last time, three years ago.

Stunning outdoor bath.

Baskets waiting for visitors (to put ther cloths and towels) - we were all alone.

Pure magic.

One of the five Aso summits. Unfortunately, we couldn't go there, because due to many big dammages of the recent Kumamoto earthquake, the street to the top was blocked. The volcano is still very active.

Road blocked - no access to the summit area with its great volcano museum and wonderful hiking routes.

Summit area, surrounded by the famous grasslands.

Earthquake dammages.

Entrance building of the famous Aso shrine - completey collapsed in the eartquake in April 2016.

Earthquake dammage.

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