17 April 2017


Calicut – Mangalore (258 km)

Again, we started early in the morning, with a long day ahead.


Our amazing fellow teams Soul Sisters and Global Sisters - they wore different costumes for EVERY single day!

Inglorious Bembelboys' broken down ...
Trying to fix the broken splint, and managed to find a local mechanic who fixed it before the service car arrived.

Challenge #1 of the day: Dress up in your most ridiculous costume and get a photo of you with either a) a policeman,  b) a holy man or c) an elephant! I tried to make up for the missing costume by making a funny face, but it looked so stupid that I had to cut myself off.

And now some roadside botany: India is rich in tree diversity - and one of my favority tree genus here is Ficus. Many of the Ficus species produce propagating roots which grow downwards as areal roots. Once these roots reach the ground they grow into woody trunks. By the time, one single tree looks like a big grove:

Often, they are venerated as holy. In Africa, they are considered dangerous, as their seeds, which are eaten by birds, often germinate on top of other trees, which they strangle little by little with their aerial roots.

Pit stop for a special drink: Fresh sugar cane juice! Just delicious!!

Small bees appreciate the sweet leftovers.

Last kilometers of the day, on a toll road, and then stuck with other teams in Mangalore's rush hour.

Delicious roadside sundowner: Freshly squeezed, ice-cold orange and pineapple juice.

Some press echo: https://www.mangalorean.com/56-foreigners-in-24-auto-rickshaws-on-a-malabar-rampage/

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