27 August 2007


Wave pool in Tokyo - where's the water?

Summer must be hot in Tokyo - click here to see why!
Fortunately, the Lake of Constance was less crowded this weekend.

26 August 2007


Big choice

(But in the end, he didn't want any of these.)

23 August 2007


Life is short.

Check it out. Here.

(Mine will last until October 12th, 2063. Still 1.771.397.560 seconds.)

22 August 2007


More work

Late at night...

... and early in the morning.

20 August 2007


Melon monster

19 August 2007



Since we arrived in Germany, Jakob doesn't like to take a bath anymore. He seems to be missing our onsen visits, and to be a little bit afraid off the size and shape of german bathtubs. But things are different if his friend is sharing the tub - and his numerous toys -with him.

16 August 2007


Incredible Japan

Found today: Ramen onsen!
Heute gefunden: Baden in der Nudelsuppe, oder in Currysoße. Lecker.

13 August 2007


Summer in Frankfurt

The last weeks weren't always easy. The babysitter had been away for two weeks, and Jakob spent his days here and there, some with another family, some with me at the office (where he behaved ... well , much better than I had expected), some at other friends' houses. But now she is back, and although Jakob says every morning that he doesn't want to go there but rather come with me to the office, he is usually in a very good mood when I pick him up at 2 pm, seeming to have had lots of fun.
And in two weeks, Thomas will be here, we will move back into our appartement and the daily life will be much easier.

Otherwise, there is not much new, just that I could borrow a camera and thus have finally some new photos, especially of our summer outdoor activities.

At the moment, there are many good places for children in town, with really great possibilities to play; here : at the Palmengarten.
Good teamwork - as long as she didn't try to touch his bulldozer stuff.

He loved the the blocks. But the older boys in the back took them all for their castle.

More water.
This afternoon, we met a japanese lady with her young daughter at this playground, just around the corner. I was amazed, as I am still looking for japanese contacts.
Unfortunately, she doesn't live in Frankfurt, but in Tokyo. She spent two years in Germany two years ago, but now is just visiting her german friends for a couple of weeks. Bad luck, they were really nice. And quite surprised, when I talked to them in japanese.

To play indoor is fun, too. Especially if there are visitors who are interested in his cars and books.

... and scared if he performs "o-bake" (a ghost). Or know how to play o-bake themselves.

Tired o-bake.

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