31 Oktober 2008


Ringo juice

The region around Frankfurt is famous for its delicious apple juice and apple wine. And there a lots of apples this year, everywhere. Lots of work for the juice makers.
At a place close to our garden, they work even through the weekends, and it's almost all handmade:Some can't even wait: You can carry the juice home...
... or drink it directly.
That's what is left over:

More apples are waiting on the trees.

30 Oktober 2008


It's getting cold in Frankfurt...

... cold rain every morning, almost all leaves have fallen, and we miss Japan's autumn, which looked and felt so much like a late summer:
Well, ok, not everywhere, Kitakami is not THAT green all over the place:
But even that street has its charme, in our nostalgic eyes.

26 Oktober 2008


What's wrong here?

During our trip to Japan, Jakob insisted that yakkyu (baseball) was an interesting sport, after having seen it several times on TV.
His friendly japanese ojichan (grandpa) took him to the sports field and showed him how to play.
Jakob managed to hit the ball from the beginning - see why:

23 Oktober 2008


Watching Japan

Jakob watching the - really very nice - NHK children's program on the first morning after arrival:

and is again very interested by some soap opera:
... but the real Japan (for example seen from inside the Narita Express) sometimes can be boring...
...or exhausting (karakoe just after arriving in Kitakami - but HE insisted to go, not us!).


21 Oktober 2008


Still thinking a lot of beautiful places we visited again

... like Takada Matsubara Beach at Rikuzentakata, Iwate (rated as one of the top hundred beautiful scenic sites of Japan).
What a serene day that was .

19 Oktober 2008


Taiji dolphins...

Dear friends in Japan and elsewhere,

please contribute to stop this:

See more in this film (if you can stand it), read more here or here.

Get informed and active:
Here (in Japanese), here (in english) and for example here (in German).

17 Oktober 2008


Healthy japanese food

Both Thomas and I (not Jakob!) gained several kilos during our three weeks in Japan.

"But japanese food is so healthy, you can't get gain weight eating it!", many of you will wonder now. So why?

Well, because of that:

Another day's lunch:

Some afternoon tea here and there (thanks for the picture, Hiroko-san!)...


Another dinner:

One more dinner:

Of course, it was all very healthy and even more delicious (a big ARIGATOU! to all those who took so well care of us!), but we ate ALL that almost EVERY DAY, and really, I had brought several pairs of troursers I couldn't wear anymore in the end of our stay...
Everything counts in large amounts!

PS: But since we returned, all these kilos are already melting all by themselves.
Gotchisou sama deshista!

13 Oktober 2008

Sorry for not posting yet... we're back in Germany since one week now, after a great trip .... but I had not enough time yet to write anything, I'm still busy classifying the 2000 or so photos we brought back with us.

Here's a first appetizer:
Our last ryokan breakfast.

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