20 November 2007


Chopsticks for beginners

Staying in practice - in view of our planned trip back to Japan next year.

16 November 2007


Autumn leaves...

... after a cold walk, that was really fun - although Jakob doesn't look as if he had any...

.... and in the University Botanic Garden.

And that silly cherry tree is still flowering.

09 November 2007


Well-deserved sleep...

... after a long week.

06 November 2007


German kōyō

Autumn colours, seen from my office.


Thomas and friends

Jakob insisted that he had to share his newspaper with them.

05 November 2007


Countryside weekend

Last week, I took friday off to visit my sister's family. They live here, in a very small town not far from Ulm.

To Jakob's delight, we took the train. The fact, that we missed the connection at Ulm (as almost always) was in no way detrimental to his joy, especially as Ulm is famous for delicious pretzel, the weather was fine, and there where lots of engines to watch while waiting.

Once arrived, we met:

Jakob's cousins Klara and Louise, and their other cousin, Fabian:

... a big flock of fat turkeys:

Strange animals. My sister's husband is a dairy farmer, but additionally, they feed up several hundreds of turkeys every year, for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

...a friendly and patient horse:

... to which Jakob preferred a stuffed one, at the nearby Steiff museum. There is no animal which is not available there - all in original size. Amazing - if you're three years old.

There's even teddy bear cake. And lots of space to play and to relax.

Sunday morning. Louise on the sofa, reading the monthly horse market journal very assiduously.

We spent a relaxing and calm weekend. The only argument to make Jakob accept that we had to return on Sunday was that "papa is waiting for us there, all alone" (Thomas didn't come with us, he was too busy).

In the evening, we just made it in time to the airport, to bid farewell to Mr. and Mrs Ito, who returned to Japan after rushing all around Germany in six days. It was their first time to come here, but hopefully not their last. Sayonara!

01 November 2007


Best bakery

What's that? An old picture from eastern Germany, where you had to stand in line for even the most common things of your daily life ?

No, it's just our favorite bakery, which happens to be one of the best in town, an ordinary Saturday morning.
You'd better arrive early - otherwise you'll have to wait a really long time. But your patience is rewarded at the front door, with this flowers and a nice choice of - free - sweets.
Inside, a wonderfully warm and sweet smell, and great breads and cakes. And lots of chocolat. Until now, I resisted and just bought bread, but that won't last, probably.


November cherry blossom

A cherry tree in front of the botanic institute, although having yellow and orange leaves all over, just decided to behave like in spring.

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