16 September 2008


Back in Japan

We made it already until Narita airport, where we stay at a hotel with great runway view to relax a little, before heading to Kitakami tomorrow.
We went ofcourse directly down to the hotel's public bath - hey, it's like coming home!
Only Jakob keeps asking: "When will we arrive at the real Japan?" - which is for him Kitakami, of course.

09 September 2008



Several times during the last two weeks, some automatic warning system in our institute gave a (fortunately always false) fire alarm, with a whole fire brigade, at least four trucks and cars and an ambulance, arriving within minutes.
I have to admit that - thanks to Jakob's influence, who would be in seventh heaven with enthusiasm - I finished to be very impressed by such events, too.

08 September 2008


Vegetable plague

Been at the garden for the first time since two weeks or so - big surprise, all the vegetables had continued to grow, even without us looking after them. I was specially surprised by the beans - our neighbours pulled them out already weeks ago, saying that season was over. And ours still produce kilos and kilos!
Who will eat that all? We are leaving in a few days...
Not on the picture: Tons of black grapes, tomatoes and apples.

03 September 2008


Summer's going on

... and we're alive, though not posting.
Summer was beautiful until now, quite calm.
Jakob celebrated his 4th birthday, with a little garden party (but I forgot to take pictures).

We spent some time at the Lake Constance,

and at my sister's place, a dairy farm in South Germany.

Jakob and Klara.

Luise and Jakob, driving by coach.

More modern: Thomas' a new scooter - which Jakob likes to sit on , but not to drive, until now (yes, there are child seats for scooters!)

Garden harvesting went on:
But we spent less time there, because of the seasonal explosion of harvest mites (very tiny insects living in the grass, a real plague: if you touch the grass or other plants, they crawl on you,
and then
"inject digestive enzymes into the skin that break down skin cells. They do
not actually bite, but instead form a hole in the skin and chew up tiny parts of
the inner skin, thus causing severe irritation and swelling. The severe itching
is accompanied by red pimple-like bumps and skin rash . For humans,
itching usually occurs after the larvae detach from the skin." (Wikipedia)
And it's a really strong itching, and they are everywhere!
These days, it rains a lot, we hope they will be washed away altogether ...

So, instead of being in the garden, we hang around in restaurants,

and at summer parties,
(this one was the big annual "museum's party" along the river Main, with us, 2.999.997 people were there).
There was music and food and theatre and sports and, yes, also modern art .
And now, there are only ten days left until our three weeks trip to Japan.

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