31 Juli 2016


Sendai & Matsushima

Sendai getting ready for the famous Tanabata Festival.

Sendai center, near the station

Sushi delivery by Shinkansen trains

Kakigōri - shaved ice flavored with syrup

Summer matsuri at an alementary school, to celebrate the end of the trimester

Soft cream diversity

... a closer look: Yes, indeed, Jellyfish (arrghh) - we chose more conventional flavours.

Kanrantei teahouse in Matsushima

Matsushima - one of the most famous scenic views of Japan.

The 260 islands of Matsushima bay prevented the worst Tsunami dammages, the town was not so badly hit as many others; but many islands' flora, especially the famous pine trees, has suffered.


Hayabusa rushing through Kitakami station without even slowing down

30 Juli 2016


Travelling Tohoku

Hayabusa conductors

Iwate-san, seen from Hachimantai area.

Historical House in Kitakami Michinoku Folklorical Village


29 Juli 2016


Meeting friends

With Ryouhei and Naoko in their beautiful forest house near Mount Iwate in Hachimantai.

With Paul and Akemi at their German Backstube in Hanamaki-shi, Oosawa Onsen.

With the Itou family in Kitakami, Jakob's japanese grandparents.
Delicious dinner!
Preparing Okonomiyaki.

Meeting my old friend Tonari no Tottoro.
With Hiroko, Yuka and her husband in Esashi.


Young chefs preparing dinner

... at our friend Yuka-san's house in Kitakami.

26 Juli 2016


Beautiful new Hayabusa Shinkansen!

Departure for Hakodate (Hokkaido).

22 Juli 2016


Back in Japan!!

Jakob is happy to return to Japan!

... for the first time since 3,5 years! And it still feels very much like home!
We  arrived in the early afternoon in Narita, and immigration and customs procedures went so smoothly that it took us less than an hour to get out of the arrival hall.
Since we are travelling with two children this time (we are taking with us the son of friends of the family, who is very fond of Japan), we decided to stay overnight in Narita, to relax a bit before continuing our way to Hakodate (on Hokkaido) by Shinkansen tomorrow.
We even managed to visit the famous Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and stroll around the beautiful Omote sando street, with lots of traditional old houses, nice restaurants and interesting shops, before collapsing at our hotel.
Omote sando at the Narita City Center

More to come soon ...

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