08 April 2017


New Adventure: Rickshaw Rallye "Malabar Rampage" in Southern India

Finally the great day came:
After two days in Oman and another four days at a resort in Poovar, we were ready to start: We, the Frankfurt Samurai Tigers (we had been searching for a name depicting our Frankfurt and Japanese background, while containing something Indian as well), got in touch today with our rickshaw in Thiruvananthapuram: We had our first training on a red-dusty school playground, where the rickshaws where already waiting for us:

We're here with friends from Frankfurt, three teams altogether.

Great experience, but not easy, at least for me, who never rode a motorcycle before. But I managed!

Some problem with the clutch.... quickly fixed.
Stop for fuel on the way back. That's the most complicated part: We have to calculate how much fuel is missing, then take 50 ml oil (which is sold only in fixed quantity of 60 ml) per 1 l of petrol, mix both BEFORE pouring into the tank - and then hope that we got the mixture right, otherwise we won't go far!

So far it seemed to have worked, we got savely back to the hotel.

 And tomorrow we will have our first two challenges in town - by rickshaw, of course!

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