10 April 2017


From Thiruvananthapuram to Allappuzha (~160 km)

Costume departure in Thiruvananthapuram - The Frankfurt Samurai Tigers!
Incredible creative teams are running with us:

These Suiss guys, riding a Zurich tramway and a bus, sent a nice message back home.

Some impressions of this frst "real" day:
Beautiful little cows.


Our fellow Frankfurt teams

"When will we arrive?? And why do we have no internet connection? We have to stop and fix that!!"

Besides finding our way and not breaking down, every day, we all have to accomplish some challenges, like finding put things about places, people or history, or snapping special pictures - here are some of the challenges of the first day:
Prepare tea at a local chai store - check!

Extra challenge: making pancakes at local food stall
Fortunately, the somehow irregular form was not visible in the final rolls (which are to be fried on the hot plate nearby)!

Short stop by a local beach... it was sooo hot.

Hands are aching.
Herons and water hyacinths, where the backwaters meet the ocean.

Still-wear-your-costumes-at-arrival challenge - check!
... and finally: The hotel pool! Our boys where so relieved that it had water (not like the last ones, all under maintenance).

This first day hadn't been easy; although the distance wasn't that long: Getting used to heat, traffic, exhaust fumes and dust, agreeing on how to navigate, and where and when to stop ... and being at the arrival hotel by 6:30 pm at the latest (because driving a rickshaw in the dark is not recommended for apprentices like us) where challenges in itself already. After this first day, I was rather sure that we wouldn't make it (the next stages where way longer) and that it would be more stress than fun.      

Press article: http://www.evartha.in/english/2017/04/11/malabar-rampage-rickshaw-challenge-2017-fascinates-state-capital.html

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