29 April 2009


Cool hello from Jakob

... especially to all his friends in Japan.

27 April 2009


Some photos finally...

Here are finally some long overdue news and photos from our new home.
I forgot to take a photo of the house itself, but as the neighbourhood is much more beautiful to watch at, that doesn't matter.
The view to the street:

Above, you see the small front garden belonging to the house, where the children (there are now four living in the house, all in the same age) play and the friends from across the street come over for spontanous visits, while the mums sit together and chat (while the fathers work at the maintenance of house and garden) - it feels just like in Uenomachi in Kitakami.
Our view into the garden behind the house - unfortunately, we only have the view, not the acces. It belongs to the family living in the white villa. Isn't it enchanting? (and consider that we live only 5 minutes away - by bike - from the busy city centre of Frankfurt!)

There a big old trees at all corners of the house and in front of all windows; but not too dark, just beautiful. Our bedroom:

Jakobs room, during winter and with fresh green chestnut decoration in spring.

The dining room:
Living room; lots of space for cars and trucks.
Even the bathroom is bright and spacious. The only part of the apartment which is not is the kitchen, which reminds me a little bit our kitchen in Kitakami, too...
And that big park is just a minute away - one of three.
Come to visit us and make yourself comfortable!

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