21 Februar 2008


Zoo pleasures

Frankfurt has a quite small, but famous zoo, one of the oldest in Germany.
Thomas and Jakob went there on a cold sunny afternoon last week.

Exhaustion ... and the at any times efficient remedy ice cream.

13 Februar 2008


Sky graphics

11 Februar 2008


Early Sunday morning

Contrary to most german shops, all closed on Sundays, this little grocery is open already early in the morning. Very convenient for our breakfast shoppings - apart from the fact that we are not authorized to buy a lot: "If I sell them, I don't have them anymore" is Jakob's reasoning that comes with many of his favourite items. Indeed, there's nothing you can say against that...

05 Februar 2008


Riddle for the readers

What's that?

Crocodile ears!

Sorry, but I just needed some pretext to post the sweet photo with the cap!


Making popcorn

Pure delight!

03 Februar 2008


Light railway museum of Frankfurt

... a great playground even for grown-ups, run essentially by volunteers.

Lots of cute old engines, some of them dieseling joyfully around (today was special diesel engine day), others still awaiting their restoration ...this one seems to be waiting a long time already.

The entrance fee included even a chilly short trip into the surrounding park.

Disembarking tiger (it's carnival!).


New bed for Jakob

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