09 April 2017


First challenges in Thiruvananthapuram traffic

Rickshaws waiting for us in the morning light on the hotel parking area
After a very short briefing "Oh, just start when you're ready!" we boarded our rickshaw for real - I was supposed to drive first today, but passed so close by the neighbour team's rickshaw that I smashed one of their blinkers (though I wasn't even nervous). Thomas took over, and we made our way to the Central Railway Station, where a first mini-challenge awaited us: Get a platform ticket.
Well, that was not too complicated, there weren't any waiting lines, change problems or other issues:

The next challenge consisted in finding our way to the famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple and get a picture with the temple, the rickshaw and the complete team - easy!
Mini-challenge 2

Big cheering at each encounter with our fellow teams.

Quick and delicious coffee at the famous Indian Coffee House.

Light lunch

Intersting architecture!
And then: Sightseeing! We visited the Zoo/Botanic Garden/Museum's area - but unfortunately, the NHM was closed due to renovation :-(

Jakob and Karsten were chasing Indian Pokemons ...no eyes for the architecture's and botany's beauties!

We had a pleasant stroll walking back to the hotel and JUST at the moment when we arrived, the clouds burst and a torrential rain hit the city:

Tomorrow morning, we will leave Thiruvanathapuram and hopefully reach our next destination, Alleppeye, after 190 challenging kilometers!


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