17 Oktober 2008


Healthy japanese food

Both Thomas and I (not Jakob!) gained several kilos during our three weeks in Japan.

"But japanese food is so healthy, you can't get gain weight eating it!", many of you will wonder now. So why?

Well, because of that:

Another day's lunch:

Some afternoon tea here and there (thanks for the picture, Hiroko-san!)...


Another dinner:

One more dinner:

Of course, it was all very healthy and even more delicious (a big ARIGATOU! to all those who took so well care of us!), but we ate ALL that almost EVERY DAY, and really, I had brought several pairs of troursers I couldn't wear anymore in the end of our stay...
Everything counts in large amounts!

PS: But since we returned, all these kilos are already melting all by themselves.
Gotchisou sama deshista!

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