12 Januar 2007


Heute mal was anderes: Bush und der Irak

Ich weiß, im Internet gesammelte Unterschriften haben nur einen bedingten Wirkungsgrad, aber hier habe ich dann doch mitgemacht, nachdem ich diese E-mail von moveon.org bekommen hatte, einer großen liberalen Demokratiebewegung aus den Vereinigten Staaten:

"Dear friends,
just when we thought the war in Iraq couldn't get any worse—it has. Last night, President Bush rejected reality, spurned the American people's verdict, and announced his new policy: military escalation in Iraq.
The newly elected United States Congress has the power to stop this madness, but it's critical to show immediate, unified opposition from the international community.So MoveOn is helping launch Avaaz, a new international partnership to mobilize progressive global voices.
We're starting with an emergency worldwide petition to the U.S. Congress and a powerful full-page ad in "Roll Call"—the Washington DC newspaper read by every member of Congress and their staff.Click below to see the ad and sign the petition:
After years of failed occupation, it's clear to everyone but George Bush that the US cannot solve this civil conflict through force. As Bush's own top military advisors and commanders in the field have said, sending tens of thousands more American troops will only fan the flames of this war.
World opinion matters: The American people understand the US can't police the globe by itself. That's why, before the original invasion, Bush worked so hard to promote the involvement of Tony Blair and a few other select world leaders to win over reluctant members of Congress.Today, Bush stands completely alone—but it's our job to bring this point home in Washington. The ad in Roll Call highlights Tony Blair's decision to withdraw troops in direct opposition to Bush's proposed escalation. And the petition will help show where the global public stands.
The Bush administration is already twisting arms and doing everything it can to push this escalation through. Congress may yet find the courage to resist—if we help them—but there's no time to lose.
Add your name to the petition. Spread the word to your friends. The Iraq crisis is a global problem.
Together we have the power, and the responsibility, to help change course.

Eli Pariser MoveOn.org Political Action
January 11, 2006"

Vielleicht unterschreiben ja noch ein paar von Euch.

Gibt's dafür eine Übersetzung?
Leider nicht, fürchte ich! Und ich habe leider auch keine Zeit, das Ganze zu übersetzen. Es geht kurz gesagt darum, daß Unterschriften aus der ganzen Welt den amerikanischen Kongress darin bestärken sollen, Bush's Irakpolitik abzulehnen.
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