07 Oktober 2007


Bike stories

Yesterday, Thomas bought a new bicycle. The second one in less than four weeks. Not that he is collecting them, no - but he got his first one stolen, almost under his eyes and although attached with a very solid lock, brand new, with the child seat and even Jakob's helmet attached, while spending less than an hour at the botanic garden's playground . He was really fond of it, had he met the thief, it wouldn't have been an enjoyable moment for the latter.

But the thief was quick enough to get away with the bike, and Thomas got the short end of the stick, looking at the empty bicycle stand, incredible. Well, that's Germany, too - as there are lots of fancy and expensive bikes, theft is widespread, and many people now fix their bikes with two big locks.
The new bike will be delivered only tomorrow; meanwhile, Thomas is using the racing bike he brought from Japan - not very suitable for the child seat.

I am lucky enough to own my bike (the black one below) now for more than three months; probably it's not fancy enough, just a mama bike. And, yes, I use a very big and heavy U-lock.
And no thief probably will touch that nice red bicycle - to common.

Many people don't buy their own bike anymore. They use the call a bike-service offered by the german railway in most big towns in Germany: You just have to register once, then you get access to a fleet of quite good high-tech bikes spread all around the city, bookable instantly, by mobile phone. For 6 or 8 cent a minute, and if you want to use it the whole day, 15 Euro.

But Thomas is still grief-stricken, repeating that he's going back to Japan, where things like bycicle theft will never happen!

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