18 September 2007


Retrospect on the stages of the past summer

Last day in Uenomachi - two great months in the house with the bakery - arrival in our old appartment at the third floor of the white building (corresponds to the fourth flour in japanese- in german, we don't count the ground floor).

Jakob enjoying the company of all our neighbours on our last morning - baking "keki" (cake) in the bakery house - playing in our appartment.
He is so glad that finally all his toys arrived from Japan. The appartment is now a real mess, with the contents of the sixty boxes, but there is a little progress every day. And the boxes contain so many nice souvenirs from Japan, unpacking is a little bit like christmas.

But even before their arrival last week, our daily life here was full of japanese elements:

And finally we even met a (half) japanese family, living just around the corner. Jakob was a little shy in the beginning, but after a little while he really enjoyed to play with little Haruki-kun. Fortunately, he still understands japanese!

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