03 Oktober 2007


Another two weeks without posting...

... gomen, ne!

But we were so busy, tidying up our apartment, yesterday we finished to unpack the last of the 59 boxes which arrived from Japan two and a half weeks ago - there are still more in the cellar and the garage, but they are less urgent ...

What else did we do?

We applied for a garden in this allotment (the allotment garden system is very common especially in big towns, where lots of people rent small gardens which they can use like their own as long as they wish); we will have to wait until the end of the year to know if we'll get one from next year on - these gardens are in great demand.

We visited once more my parents, where Thomas and my father went sailing,

while Jakob and I took a long walk in the forest

Oh yes, and Jakob started kindergarten two weeks ago - and he likes it, from the first day! He met two Japanese girls there, they play together all the time, but talk only german, infortunately.

Probably he was still too small when I sent him to the nursery school in Kitakami (once a week for four hours), I am really relieved that it was so easy here.

In his free time, he is helping Thomas at home:

Muß ich mal ausprobieren, auf dem Oberschenkel Karotten schälen. Vielleicht geht's da besser!
Oh, good, all of your boxes made it! Your plot looks beautiful, with all the late summer/fall flowers blooming. Hope you're all doing well!
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