09 September 2007


Thomas is back

He arrived almost two weeks ago now; the same day we moved back into our appartment in town and resumed our normal family life - with interchanged roles: now I leave home at half past seven in the morning, while Thomas and Jakob still are deeply sleeping . But next week kindergarden will start, and Jakob will have to get up earlier, too.

He is really happy to have his dad back, still hugging and kissing him all the time (he never does that to me!). And they have lots of fun together, playing all day long, eating out and taking long walks.

We also visited my parents, where Thomas took part in a sailing regatta with my father. They finished fourth ... well, out of four. There really wasn't enough wind that day - and the next day there was even no wind at all. So they had to wait and be ready all the day in case wind would still come. Bit it didn't. Meanwhile, Jakob and I took a ride on another boat, the car ferry connecting Constance and Meersburg. To Jakob's delight, the ferry even had a steering wheel for children. It was an amazingly brillant and blue day.

Only the trip home was less perfect; our train had to stop for three hours (together with lots of others) at a small station near Stuttgart, due to a damage at the Stuttgart railway control centre. We finally arrived home at half past one at night - quite relieved, because when the damage was anounced, the railway staff frankly admitted that nobody had any idea on how long it might take to repair it - so we halfly expected to have to sleep in the train.

That weekend probably was the last real summer weekend of this year. Now, there is already a first breeze of autumn in the air.

And the new apple crop is ready.

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