10 Juli 2007


Pictures from Germany

Jakob at my parent's house at the lake of Constance:

At the playground (in Frankfurt, very close to the place of my friend and colleague Karen, where we stay until our own appartment will be free again):

Eating ice-cream after the first day with the new babysitter:

My new - still somewhat improvised - desk (the computer will arrive tomorrow), and the view from my window:

My new bicycle (from home to work it's about 10 km):

Another playground - and some old friends:

Jakob sleeping on the floor at the professor's house, where all the staff was invited last Friday. I tried to carry him to the sofa, but he woke up and wanted absolutely be put back on the floor.

Anti-demonstration against a Nazi-demonstration last weekend in Frankfurt. Thousands of policemen were present to avoid a clash between the adverse parties.

More coming soon.

Leider ist mein Englisch miserabel. Yves muß mir wohl meistens aushelfen.Alles Gute, toi, toi, toi (klingt so japanisch)zum neuen Start.
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