23 Juli 2007


O-tanjoubi - birthday!

We had a quiet weekend, with lots of time for relaxing, playing and visiting friends. Unfortunately Jakob, while taking pictures (he started to take really good ones!) let the camera fall down - and now it doesn't work any more. So no more photos for the moment. unless I get some from friends, like these:

And today was Jakob's third birthday - I didn't organize anything, no cake, no presents (he got so many things in the last weeks!), just a little birthday song in the morning, which seemed to satisfy him as well. And then we headed to the home of our friends, who proposed to take care of Jakob this week (as his regular babysitter is on holiday for two weeks), every morning. They have two children, one three years and one three months, and Jakob obviously loved to stay with them. Especially as he got a birthday present. And I was able to work at least for four hours in the morning. Next week will be more difficult, I will probably have to take him with me to the office.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von mir, auch wenn wir uns garnicht kennen ;-)
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