17 Juli 2007


Last weekend at the lake of Constance

Again we had a very nice weekend at my parents' house, with great weather (more than 30°C) and much time to relax. I even swam in the lake - not very long, though, as the water was only 17°C.

Lunch in town, with lots of cars:

Making hay for the sheep (my parents have four of them) - see the lake behind,of an amazing and sparkling blue:

Freshly picked black-and raspberries from the garden:

Jakob and my father:

The journey back to Frankfurt was less comfortable: We left at half past five in the afternoon - ten minutes later the train broke down because of an engine trouble, and we had to wait one and a half hour (and it was hot, because the air condition broke down, too; and Jakob had fever) before being slowly pulled back by another engine to our departure station. At that time, there was only one connection left for Frankfurt, by which we would have arrived at Frankfurt station around midnight - poor Jakob, to olate for him. I thus decided to return to my parents' house and try again the next morning. We all got up very early - my mother insisted to have breakfast with us, and my father accompagnied us to the station, where the train should have left at 5:49 am. It didn't - it was cancelled because of a track switch problem: they just couldn't get the train out off the depot . So we had to wait for another hour, and I arrived at work three hours later than I should have.
That is one thing I really miss here: The japanese railway system. Always reliable and exactly on time. I don't think that such a thing like this journey could ever happen in Japan.

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