30 Oktober 2007


Visitors from Kitakami

Mr. and Mrs. Ito, Jakob's japanese obachan and ojisan (grandma and grandpa, see older post), just arrived yesterday night for a one-week-speed-trip across Germany. We went to meet them at their hotel in Frankfurt, for just one short hour. They brought lots of nice japanese things, sake, sweets (kamome no tamago!), cracker (the famous o sembe from Iwate ), toys and a book for Jakob, a CD for us ... it was like Christmas. Jakob behaved in a very shy way, although he didn't stop talking about meeting Ito-san already hours before and still hours after we met them. But in their presence, he was quite distant, except when showing his cars.
It was so nice to see them; we plan to meet again on sunday at the airport, when they check in for their flight back to Japan. Infortunately, their trip doesn't include any time to be spent in Frankfurt.

And here 's how other Japanese get ready to travel in foreign countries, where they will have to communicate in english.

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