23 Oktober 2007


Culinary trip to Japan

In Hausen, the "japanese district" of Frankfurt, we recently discovered close to the japanese school this small, truly japanese restaurant, which has japanese owners, japanese staff and serves of course exclusively japanese food - and japanese beer.

We felt very much at home - just like eating around the corner, somewhere "home" in Kitakami. We were the only non-japanese clients, all the other tables were occupied by relaxed japanese families (parents reading japanese newspapers, children playing with japanese gameboys...); the only hint that this place isn't situated somewhere in Japan is the german menu for the ocasional non-japanese customers.

Jakob enjoyed edamame and yaki onigiri, Thomas had the entire menu of the day, I took kitsune udon - it was simply great!

Instead of dessert, we had a traffic jam on the table; the son of the restaurant owners was very interested in cars, and Jakob felt quite flattered and accepted him generously as part of the round.

Mmh, sieht wirklich lecker aus. Muß mich mal erkundigen, ob man auch in München japanisch essen kann. Ob Dein Kleiner mal Formel 1 Fahrer wird?
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