10 November 2008


New life

One week already that we started a quite new life:

Thomas stopped being a house husband and reconverted into a scientist, being conveniently located at the botanic institute where I still work, and - like my job - affiliated to the new Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre.

This is a big challenge and requires quite a lot of reorganization of our daily life.
For exemple, since Jakob's kindergarden place is only until 2 pm and we both work full time, we had to quickly find a solution for the afternoons - and we found a very good one: A young, very friendly japanese woman who picks him up at two and looks after him until we return home. Jakob is so fond of her that each time we return, he tells us to go back to work so that he can continue to play with her, almost starting to cry when she finally leaves. And she seems quite fond of him, too, I think we where rather lucky finding her.

It's quite formidable how he tries to impress her, such as by insisting on walking the whole way home (which takes them ca. 1,5 hours) and showing her that he knows the way, instead of taking the bus. He would NEVER accept to walk such a distance with Thomas or me!
Relaxing in a hot bath after the long walk (don't be afraid, there's no blood of his ran-off feet in the water, it's just that he doesn't like foam bath, only some water coloring):

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