12 Mai 2008


Garden pleasures

We had a splendid pentecost weekend and spent almost the whole three days outside.

... on a walk across Frankfurt, exploring some green places of the city, for example this chinese garden very close to our place...

And of course in our garden, under the flowering apple-tree.
There is finally some progress. This weekend, we planted lots of herbs and vegetables, the pond is ready. Jakob still enjoys to be there, and tries to help us where he can
Time to relax.
Nearby, there is a nice playground including a very popular water basin for children:

Splendid view:

Excellent dinner:
Hey, isn't there a plate missing for Jakob? No - we had a premiere this weekend: for the first time in almost four years, we left Jakob in the hands of a very friendly babysitter and went out for dinner, just the two of us - strange new experience! But as everything went perfectly well (he was so happy to show all his cars and books to somebody new that he didn't mind at all that we left), the next time is already scheduled.

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