04 April 2008



... for not having posted for such a long time.... too little time, too little energy, too lazy - I have many excuses. So here is finally a little update.

What happened since February 22nd?

Nothing special; we're alle fine, work is progressing nicely (see the webpage of our campaign: http://www.biofrankfurt.de/ ; only in german, sorry), spring's finally in sight - oh, and yes, we started gardening. Our allotment is situated nicely on a hill north of Frankfurt ( 20 minutes by bicyle away from our place), with a large park nearby, a playground and a restaurant, and a great sight over Frankfurt.

It hadn't been cultivated for over two years, so there is a lot of work to be done (I spent several hours last weekend to dig up the vegetable patch). We plan to create a pond, and a japanese corner, and bought lots of plants and materials. And we wait impatiently for the plants to come out, since we have still no idea what's already growing there.

Jakob is helping us a lot, of course. And he happily plays there during hours and hours, with just a little mud, grass and water

Sunset behind the garden.

And after gardening we relax with karaoke - here with the mother of Jakob's best kindergarden friend. The boys brought kilos of cars with them.

At their kindergarden playground. Unfortunately, Luke's family will leave Frankfurt in two weeks.

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