13 Dezember 2007


Japanese patisserie Iimori

Some weeks ago, we discovered, in the very heart of Frankfurt, a japanese patisserie, with a surprising interior: imitating an old fashioned german café - a very nice mix! Which seems to be a succes formula, it was crowded on that cold sunday afternoon.

And we nostalgically ate kare-pan, melon-pan and fluffy japanese shinamon-roru, things we never touched in Japan (where "Sunday" ment going to the french patisserie and eat french cake and croissants). Yes, the grass always seems greener on the other side.
After coffee, we came just in time to see the big christmas tree at the town hall place (Römer) being decorated. Jakob was delighted to see that there where cranes involved - we had to stay a long time and watch them.

すごい! So this is the next wave after copying/imitating french patisseries - re-exporting them back to europe? Very funny.

Christian from Atsugi
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